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GEOG 1120 Lecture Notes - Dredging


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GEOG 1120

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Video: Taking Stock Notes
(midterm will test some stuff about the video says teacher)
Nf =Newfoundland
July 2 1922
-cod fishing industry was worth a billion dollars a year
-throws 19000 people out of work
-union meetings, first question: who's to blame
-insure people blame he draggers ( the ppl who net the fishers
-the leader doesn't matter if he is getting blamed because the
FBI told them to and the gov. should of known and should've
Stopped them ahead of time
-for draggers, when a ship leaves the dock and comes back, another ship leaves the dock and
vice versa
-over those 400 years ,fishery didn't hang much
-spring, cod were here
-winter cod left
The coming of team and steel
-went out to sea and extend the longer fishery season
-gov. tried to ban it but gave in because they were told they were
standing in the way of progress and history
-who could afford that?
-consistent poverty
-workers in the hugest fish company were told that their jobs would end soon
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