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Langara College
GEOG 1120

GEOG September 9, 2013 6:15 PM LOCATION ON EARTH - Latitude Angular distance north or south of the equator (with protractor, measure in degrees, from equator, to calculate latitude. Eg: if it's 35 degrees north from equator, it is 35 degrees N) Circle that connects with all the same points of latitude on earth = parallel - Eg: 49th parallel connecting canada with U.S almost as perfectly straight line - 1 degree = 60' (minutes) = 3600" (seconds) (do not confuse with units of time; they are angular levels of latitude and longitude, respectively) - Longitude Angular distance east or west of prime meridian Meridian (equivalent of parallel) Latitude and longitude of vancouver = 49 degrees 13' 30" N, 123 degrees 6' 20" W (always latitude first, then longitude) Highest point on earth = mt. chimborazo, mainly because of being so close to the equator MAP PROJECTION - Process of transforming spherical Earth to flat map Cylindrical Projection, regular flat map taken from standard line around circumference or equator Planar Projection, top of Earth map taken from standard line (point) at very top dot, like imaginary string Conic Projection, fan map taken from cone illustrated around earth with standard line in middle of fan Great Circle = any circle dividing the earth into two halves. Eg: metal ring around globes,
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