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GEOG 1120

GEOG ch5 September 30, 2013 5:54 PM Recipe for weather: Temperature(ch.5) Pressure and wind (ch.6) Moisture (ch.7) TEMPERATURE Concepts and Measurement - Temperaturemeasures the average energy of motion of moleculesin an object (faster they move,the hotter they get) TemperatureScales - Celsius - Kelvin - Farenheit (used in US) Celsius degrees = (Farenheit degrees - 32) multiplied by (5/9) Standard issue of measurement:Thermometer - Liquid inside due to show expansion with heat, and contraction with cooling - Silver liquid: mercury,red: alcohol - Why most commonliquids? Why have two? - Boiling point of mercury: 357 degrees Celsius - Freezing point of mercury: -39 degrees Celsius - Boiling point of alcohol: 78 degrees Celsius - Freezing point of alcohol: -112 degrees Celsius - Different reaching points require different liquids and measurementfor different climates. Galileo Thermometer - Very first thermometerinvented by Galileo in 1700's Infrared thermometergun - Calibrated to measure the amount of thermal infrared radiation emitted by an object Stevenson screen - Designed with wood because it's a poor conductor of heat, white for high albedo and reflection (painted the same just for standardization) - A thermometeris placed inside protectively - Louvred design promotesventilation - 1.2-1.5 m usually standing off the ground (no direct surface effect to the instrument, to the thermometer) Principal TemperatureControls - Latitude - Altitude/Ele
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