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GEOG 1120

GEOG CH6 October 3, 2013 1:47 PM High air pressure -> clockwisedirection of air circulation, outward (aka anticyclones) Low air pressure -> counterclockwisedirection of air circulation, inward (aka cyclones) Pressure gradient: Areas of high pressure going to areas of low pressure, no reversibility. Hadley said: Once air reaches top (horizontally), it can either go north or south. Then, the air goes back to Earth's surface at north and south poles. Tropopause goes around the upper atmosphereof Earth. Equator, being hot, has the hot air rising toward the tropopause at the horizontal sides of Earth. The air having nowhere to go, just goes to the sides, near the north and south poles, respectively.Special latitudes are 30 degrees N and S, where the air hits and then sinks back to surface of Earth. Has no choice but to go to either right or left at surface level. At special latitudes, they can choose to go either way. At poles, cold air always sinks back to Earth and air can go either right or left from there. N: Hits at somewhere60 degrees N, where air collides with cold air (from pole) and warm air (from 30 degrees N). Collision results in rising back up to tropopause. Then air can go either direction from there, and results in the cycle all over again. The air gets recycled. S: exactly the same, except in opposite direction. 3 different circulations of air in N hemisphere: from 0 degrees
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