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Why is urban geography important  Canadian life is urban life (understanding Canadian urban life can help improve Canadian life as a whole. The overwhelming reality now is that Canadian life is characterized by the urban experience. 80% Canadians live in cities; 50% live in VancouverCalgary/EdmontonTorontoMontreal. No longer do we describe our nationalism through our physical geography.)  Cities are a microcosm of the nation (Homelessness, racism, corruption, env’t degradation, sexism – all of these can be found in the cities at an urban level.)  Cities help explain ourselves to ourselves (A city is more than a physical env’t to us – but it is also a way of life; a culture, a form of life, a way of seeing the world and acting within it. Studying urban geography gives you insight on this way of life and the way you live your own life.) o Ex: musical genres are born of the city (all trying to capture the nature of the urban experience through music.) o The line between urban geography and culture (literary criticism, popular writing) is very thin. o Literature (Virginia Woolfe Mrs. Dalloway, James Joyce – Ulysses) o Travel writing (Jan Morris, Jonathan Raban) o Poetry (TS Eliot – the Wasteland – London’s dead stroke of nine) o Allen Ginsberg – Howl – Robert Moses as the destructive Moloch in the Bronx (represents a deep traumatic cry when the Bronx is redeveloped and ripped up in a redevelopment scheme. The community spirit
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