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GEOG 2210

A borderless World “A borderless world: Dream or nightmare?” - Hiebert, 2003 ● Would a borderless world work? Hiebert says no. ● Critiques argument of Harald Bauder for a “borderless world” by raising 2 main questions How would a “borderless world” come to be? ● Canadians demonstrate support for immigration system as it is ● In survey of 2000 Vancouverites, only 1 expressed interest for “borderless” world ● If Canada is a democratic country, how would such radical changes be made to immigration policy if the general public is against it? -- only way is through undemocratic means, new regime at int’l level (highly unlikely) ● Systems of inclusion are also systems of exclusion (can’t be totally inclusive) ● Bottom line: we can’t toss out nation state as site of primary sovereignty If migration regulations were lifted, who would benefit? ● Would free flowing migration help social disparity? Would it bring more equality to those in developing countries? -- not necessarily ● First, seems impossible, if a huge influx of migrants entered a country like Canada today, for the welfare state to be able to provide services to all these migrants -- this in effect, would create poverty and decrease of social services for the general public ● Second, limited mobili
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