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Week 7 “From migrant to immigrant: Domestic workers settle in Vancouver, Canada.” - Pratt 2003 ● Research compiles interviews from 15 Filipinas; most of them experiencing long term downward occupational mobility and continue to work as domestic housekeepers, home care workers, etc ● Contention: “this labour market outcome can be understood within these women’s social responsibilities and network” - they have continued financial responsibilities to their families in their homeland are are limited in Vancouver ○ one benefit of them not being at home: they can use their remittances to buy properties in the philippines ○ but this is outweighed by the costs of family relocation ● Canadian context: The Live-in-Care Program (LCP) designed to allow Canadian families to sponsor/employ non-Canadians as live-in caregivers ○ residents can apply for PR status after 24 months (unusual on the world stage) ○ entitlement to PR status is more than just hourly wage, it justifies work and makes people happy ○ That is, permanent status can compensate for injustices and exploitation of labour ● Why do they leave? ○ need to make money for their families back home ● “immigran
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