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Week 9: “Video by Rima Berns McGown” ● Opening statement: Political culture in immigrant diaspora of immigrant receiving country has huge impact on what happens there, thereafter ● Berns-McGowan speaks on interviews she did with two diasporic Somalia communities – one in UK, one in Canada; they are now: generation 1.5 The Interviews: ● What did they choose to hold onto as they moved into diaspora? ● Both communities: religion! ● Movement lead overwhelmingly by women ● Everyone who moved into diaspora experience trauma ● Interviewees responded: 5 daily prayers was the one thing they could hold onto ● Women were afraid of their children losing their religion ● Women were skeptical of Islamist groups ● They formed their own religious groups in the context of their diaspora ● Both communities experienced similar things: racism, etc. ● Canada: you can be both Canadian and Somali ● UK: you can only be Somali (never become British) ● Big difference in sense of connection to society ● Canada: engaged in politics, learn English, want to learn French ● UK: didn’t care about politics, feelings of alienation, indifference ● “being Canadian” – aligning with other Canadian women, learning their
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