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GEOG 2210

What is a refugee ● A refugee is to be “lost” :( ● Forcing one to make a living where social and political frameworks do not enable the refugee to live/decode living ● The refugee is “impertinent” and “irrelevant” ● … after WWII ○ refugee is defined as “an individual with a well-founded fear of persecution on the grounds of nationality, race, political opinion, religion, or membership of a particular social group” ○ the convention carefully defined the term. Allowed refugees to work, gain travel documents, travel freely, etc. ○ Refugees were not allowed to be sent back to the countries that would persucte them ○ Refugees as an “entitled” status? Be entitled to services and things that a normal immigrant would not be allowed?? ● Refugees being replaced with “asylum seekers”? ○ Asylum seeker - the term implies that “pretenders to the title of refugee” ○ In neutral contexts: an asylum seeker is who is claiming refugee status - eligibility for refugee status is still to be determined ○ important to note that this is not neutral in discourse with the media, government, policy ○ the view is that asylum seekers could be cheating the welfare state, competitors for jobs, security threats, abusers of host state generosity, etc ● Gibney (2005) states that the displacement of refugee with asylum seeker has enabled governments to do more with policies pertaining to immigration ○ intense/stricter rules on asylum seeking is encouraged by the spike in asylum claimants and the fear of terrorism, illegal migration (esp in Germany, Australia, US, Italy, Ireland, UK) - implemented a raft of measures designed to make life very uncomfortable for those applying for asylum ○ increased realities of going to detntion, denial of the right of work
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