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GEOL 2207

Storms Be wary of the main storm hazards.  Lightning, heavy rain, downpours, tornadoes, local flooding, gust fronts  Hurricanes: storm surges, coastal thunderstorms, high waves, coastal erosion Describe the different types of lightning, how they form, and what happens when they strike something.  Classifying different types of lightning  Another 2, I missed (in text)  Positive o Less frequent, come from anvil, much stronger, primary cause of wildfires  Negative o More numerous, come from cloud base  Higher voltage  more dangerous  How they form o Ground: positive charge, convention currents within thunderclouds sweep some of this positive charge to upper cloud regions, positive charge center attracts negative ions, downward-moving negative charges encounter downdrafts o Graupel particles and ice crystals collide within the cloud, updrafts carry the light positively charged particles higher into the cloud  Steps in a lightning strike: step leader, return stroke, lightning flash  Nothing happens when lightning strikes a metal car, metal airplane; will burn a hole in a wooden boat; if you’re swimming in water and get struck, you will die; the sap in the tree will explode (bark can fly off like shrapnel)  Unsafe: huts, rain shelters, metallic objects, trees, water, open fields, hill tops  30-30 rule; check textbook o Every secon
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