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GEOL 2207

Landslide Causes and Landslide Triggers  Compare and contrast landslide causes and landslide triggers. o Cause  factors leading to instability o Triggers  translate instability into motion  List and describe several external causes of landslides. o High slope angle o Undercutting o Overloading o Vegetation o Climate  List and describe 3 internal causes landslides. o Water in slopes  Adds weight (overloading)  Decreases normal force/normal stress which decreases friction and thus, shear strength  Increases weathering  Acts as a medium for flows o Water in sediment  Can help or hinder cohesion  No water = low angle of repose, some water = high, too much water = very low angle o Water in solid rock  Water reduces shear strength along planes of weakness  Frost wedging, water gets into cracks and fractures in rocks – freezes and expands forcing fractores apart o Inherently weak materials  Some materials are weak  Volcanic layers  Clay  Quick clay slides not common o Adverse geologic structures  Unfortunate bedding or fracture orientation  List several landslide triggers. o Earthquakes, snow melt, heavy rainfall, rain on
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