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GEOL 2207

Glossary of Terms 1. Anoxia a. Lack of oxygen 2. Atmosphere a. Layer of gases surrounding the lithosphere 3. Biodiversity a. Number of different species 4. Biosphere a. Global sum of all ecosystems 5. Cambrian a. Oldest period of Phanerocoic/Paleozoic 6. Cenozoic a. Most recent grouping of geological periods in Phanerozoic 7. Correlation a. Matching geological sections that might be separated by large distances 8. Cretaceous a. Youngest period of Mesozoic 9. Cross-Cutting Relationships a. Method of deduction of relative age of geological sections 10. Cuvier, Georg a. Established concept of extinction 11. Deep time a. Understanding extreme age of Earth 12. Devonian a. Geological period in the Paleozoic 13. Earth system Science a. Understanding earth as an interaction of many systems (spheres 14. Ecosystem a. A collection of living organisms that interact with Earth’s systems 15. Evolved/Evolution a. Theory to explain biodiversity and emergence of new species 16. Extinct/Extinction a. Death of every member in a species 17. Faunal sucession a. Changes in fossil species over time 18. Flood basalt a. Basalt lava produced by large scale volcanic activity 19. Foraminifera a. Microfossils that commonly secret a calcium carbonated shell 20. Fossil range a. Length of geological time a species existed on Earth 21. Ga a. Giga annum: billions of years ago 22. Glacial/ glacial period a. Cold climatic period marks by the advanced of glaciers 23.
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