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HIST 1126

First People Before 1500 -About 6000 years ago according to radiocarbon dating people living on prairies began building stone Cairns to force buffalo to stampede over cliffs -The most commonly accepted theory for the origins of first peoples in the Americas is that they crossed the land bridges that connected Siberia to Alaska during the last ice age -Some other scholars suggest that other migrants might well have sailed across the southern pacific or perhaps along the north Atlantic route noting that Europeans and Asians had made watercrafts capable of these voyages -Scientists think that humans have common ancestors in Africa and reject any notion that that the human species originated in the Americas -Aboriginal people in northern North America lived in societies ranging from scrupulously egalitarian model of the Athapaskan in the subarctic, were small communities who worked as units to obtain food equally dividing what was produced -There were also slave owning highly stratified societies on the pacific coast who had large corporate households jealousy guarded their resources and chiefs set the rules for the distribution of food and and other material possesions among free women and men -Slaves were chattles of the chiefs and were treated cruelly -Change had been a feature in aboriginal lives in the lower great lakes st Lawrence region there were only a few groups of aboriginals hunting caribou when the ice age receded 13000 years ago 4 thousand years later climate got warmer boreal forest replaced tundra deer supplanted caribou people began catching fish in nets and weirs and using milling stones and mortars to grind nuts and berries as food supply became varied and reliable population expanded -Farming was introduced 1500 years ago an experiment of cultivating corn bean and squash together increased soil fertility the success of agriculture resulted in life becoming more sedentary -iroquoian people lived in palisaded settlements of 1500 people confederacies of various settlements formed in an attempt to bring peace to a region that had been plagued with warefare. -An equal number of of major technical and social changes occurred over times on the pacific coast -Bow and arrow introduced about 1800 y
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