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Health Sciences
HSCI 1120

HIV Infections and AIDS  HIV and AIDS (difference is 200)  Viral count  Cd4 count  12, 000 BC people are infected in HIV and 25% of them are unaware  Point-of-Care Rapid HIV test takes about 1 minute to provide diagnosis  HIV – human immune deficiency virus; the virus that causes AIDS  HIV destroys body’s natural immune system  Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) HIV/ AIDS: Transmission & Diagnoses  Exchange of body fluids  Contaminated blood  Contaminated needles  Infected women to baby during pregnancy or childbirth  Diagnosis: blood test (rapid tests now available!) What is the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS?  High risk o Ana or vaginal sex – no condom o Sharing needles o Sharing sex toys  Low risk o Oral sex without a barrier o Anal or vaginal sex with a condom o Injection using a cleaned or new needle  No risk o Wet or dry kissing o Mutual masturbation o Ejaculation on unbroken skin HIV/AIDS: Treatment  HAART drugs (highly active antiretroviral therapy) include: o NRTI/NNRTI – stops virus from multiplying o Protease inhibitors – inhibits or stops ‘assembly of virus’ o Today patients take a “drug cocktail” made of 2 NNRTIs and a protease inhibitor o This cocktail “manage
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