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Health Sciences
HSCI 1120

Lecture 1 and 2 Lecture 1 Sex research: Is it important? 1. Generally gives us an idea of what the public thinks 2. What works and what’s safe – birth control 3. It gives us trends of disease 4. Gives us ideas of sexual behaviors and abnormal behaviors 5. Because sex is interesting Essentialist – believe that your gender is made by nature. So if I’m a female and I have female genitalia then I’m a female Constructivist – believe everything is constructed by society and the world around us. So if I’m a female it’s because of society Lecture 2 – Chapter 4,5 Female External Sex Organs Clitoris  Sensitive organ important in sexual response  No function in reproduction  Function in producing sexual arousal o Glans clitoris – knob of tissue externally in front of vaginal opening and urethral opening o Prepuce – the hood of skin that covers the clitoris o Shaft – consists of two corpora cavernosa o Crura – two longer spongy bodies that lie deep in body and run from tip to either side of vagina Labia majora – outer lips  Founded pads of fatty tissue lying along both sides of vaginal opening, covered with pubic hair  Well supplied with nerve endings and thus are important in sexual stimulation and arousal (inner lips too) Labia minora – inner lips  Two hairless folds of skin lying between the outer lips and running right along the edge of the vaginal opening  The inner lips extend forward and come together in front, forming the clitoral hood  Well supplied with nerve endings and thus are important in sexual stimulation and arousal (outer lips too) Mons Pubis  Also called mons or mons veneris  Rounded, fatty pad of tissue, covered with pubic hair, at front of the body  Lies on top of pubic bones Female Internal Organ Vagina  Tube-shaped organ into which penis/finger/object is inserted during penetrative intercourse  8 to 10 long in un-aroused state  At the bottom it ends in the vaginal opening (to the vulva)  3 major functions o Passage way to menstruation o Allow penetration to occur o Allow fetus to pass through (birth canal)  At the bottom it ends in the vaginal opening (introitus) o Childbirth is only thing that can stretch introitus Hymen  Not a sign of virginity  Not every women has one  Rip
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