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Langara College
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HSCI 1120

Arousal and Orgasmic Disorders AROUSAL DISORDERS Erectile Disorder – the inability to have an erection or maintain one  Primary – has never had an erection  Secondary – has had erection but has difficulty getting or maintaining an erection Female Sexual Arousal Disorder – lack of response to sexual stimulation Attitudes towards arousal disorders in men  23.9% of respondents (male and female) reported non-optimal erectile hardness as a concern for themselves or their partner  Related to confidence!  94% of respondents said that for a man to be “good at sex” he needed a lasting erection (from both male and female respondents)  Only half of all men with ED consult a physician  Only 16% or so with ED use oral prescriptions ORGASMIC DISORDERS  Premature Ejaculation  Inorgasmia o Male orgasmic disorder  Other drug, circulatory issue, or alcohol, etc.  Cause distress  No other possible explanation why it’s not working o Female orgasmic disorder  Primary – had never experienced an orgasm in her life  Secondary – loses the ability to reach climax after having experienced it before Premature Ejaculation  Most often psychological
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