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HSCI 1120

Male External Organs Penis  Serves important functions in sexual pleasure, reproduction, and elimination of body wastes by urination o Glans – end or tip of penis o Urethral opening – urine and semen o Root – part of penis that attaches to the body o Body or shaft – main part of the penis o Corona – raised ridge separating glans from the body of the penis o Foreskin – layer of skin that covers the glans Internal Structure of Penis Contains three long cylinders:  Corpora cavernosa – two spongy bodies lying on top  Corpus spongiosum – single body lying on the bottom of the penis; urethra runs through the middle of it Male Circumcision  Surgical cutting away or removal of the foreskin Circumcision Benefits  New evidence suggests there may be medical benefits and advantages to circumcisions  Circumcised babies 11 times less likely to get urinary tract infections  Circumcised adult males may transfer less HPV (virus which predisposes women to cervical cancer) to their female partners  Uncircumcised men may be more at risk for HIV infection  Researchers in Quebec found no difference in sensitivity between circumcised and uncircumcised penises Circumcision Consequences?  Public
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