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Health Sciences
HSCI 1120

Sex work and the law  Having sex in exchange for money in Canada is legal  What is illegal? o Communicating in public to sell sex (stopping cars or people to get a client) o Keeping a common bawdy-house – a place where prostitution takes place o Living off the avails of prostitution – pimping  What are the implications of this law? Sex Work in Canada  Most are young women (22-25 years of age)  Single  Mothers (estimated up to 70%)  Working for themselves (self-reported): o 62% in Vancouver o 50% in Toronto o 69% in Montréal o Pimps more prevalent in Maritimes and Prairies  Drug use frequency  Recidivist Johns  Sex work consumers in Canada Risks of Sex Work  Female sex workers are 60-120 times more likely to be murdered than the general public  Sexual assault and violence extreme dangers  Risks of acquiring HIV, HCV & STIs  Stigma  Hypocrisy of Canadian laws
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