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SEXUAL EDUCATION Sex among adolescents and youth in Canada  27% of teens are sexually active by 15 years of age  Average of 2.5 partners  Average length of relationship is 8 months  76% said they used a condom the last time they had sex  69% of teens said they did not have the sexual information they felt they needed  62% reported obstacles/barriers in obtaining information  Lacked knowledge about STIs  40% of teens said they have never talked with their parents about sex Predictors of sexual initiation, use of contraception, & pregnancy 1. Disadvantaged communities 2. Physical and social environments 3. Attachments Purposes of Sexuality Education  Promotes healthy sexuality  The Sex Education and Information Council of Canada (SIECCAN) actively promotes high-quality sex education in Canada  Increase number of safe and pleasurable experience Guiding Principles  Accessibility o Sex education should be available to everyone so a certain group can’t be left out  Comprehensiveness o Sex education should be diverse  Effectiveness of Educational Approaches and Methods o Developing skills to help sex education such as promoting safe and positive skills  Training and Administrative Support o People conducting should be well confident and be open and non- judgmental  Planning, Evaluation, Updating and Social Development o There needs to be collaboration o Who is your intended audience (if you’re talking to kindergarten, you don’t talk about dildos. So something the group would underst
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