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KINS 2295

GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT What is growth? The progressive development t of living being of part of an organism from its earliest stage to maturity. Growth involved a series of changes not just addition of material to achieve an increase in size. These changes involve differentiation of various parts of the body to perform different functions. stages of postnatal growth 1) neonatal period: birth-4 wks 2) Infancy: 4 wks-2 yrs Increased growth, coordination and mental development. 3) Childhood: Infancy-puberty. 4) Adolescence: Chidhood-adulthood. begins around age 9 for girls and 11 in boys. the different growth curves 1) distance curve: Measurement taken at intervals are plotted against time to produce a graph of progress. 2. Velocity curve: increments in growth are plotted against time. 3. Longitudinal data: Growth curve derived from a single individual or repeated measurements of the same group over a period of years. 4.cross-sectional data: several age groups are measure and compared Comparison of the growth rate of boys vs girls -Girls grow up faster than boys. -Girls reach 50% of their height at an early age (age 1.75-2), enter puberty quicker, and cease growth earlier. In foetal period, girls are 3 weeks ahead of boys in skeletal growth. Because girls spurt earlier, there is an age at which girls become taller and heavier than boys of the same age but there is balanced by age 14 Puberty: girls (9-10) boys (10-12) Peak velocity: girls (11.5) boys (13.5) What happens to osteoporosis in the elderly. What causes it? -a condition of a the bones where they become thin and brittle due to decreased mineral conte
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