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KINS 2295

SKELETAL MUSCLE 3 types of muscles 1.) Skeletal- attaches to and moves skeleton. Under voluntary control. 2.) Smooth- found in walls of hollow organs and blood vessels. Under involuntary control. 3.) Cardiac muscle- found in the walls of the heart. Under involuntary control. The criteria used to name muscles 1. Shape – deltoid(triangular) 2. Action – flexor,extensor 3. Location –tibialis anterior 4. Divisions-triceps brachii 5. Size relationships- gluteus maximus 6. Direction of fibers- transverses(across) The criteria used to name muscles 1.) Shape 2.) Action 3.) Location 4.) Division 5.) Size relationship 6.) Direction of fiber 5 skeletal muscle shapes 1. unipennate 2.Bipennate 3.Multipennate 4.Longitudinal (strap) 5. Radiate the three muscle actions 1. Prime mover: a muscles who's contraction is primarily responsible for a particular movement. 2.Antagonist: muscles that oppose one another during contraction. e.g bicep, tricep 3.Fixators/stabilizers: Muscles that immobilize a joint or bone so that the prime muscle can work efficiently. Three layers of connective tissues 1.)parimysium 2.)endomysium 3.)epimysium Tendons are extensions of connective tissue membranes beyond the end of the muscle. A muscle cell is a muscle fiber. Within each muscle cell/fiber are many myofibrils. Each myofibril consists of a large array of contractile proteins arranged repeatedly in series. This gives skeletal muscle its striated pattern of light and dark areas. Each repeated array of contractile proteins is called a sacromere. What is the all or none law? If the cell body of the motor neuron receives a strong enough stimulus, an action potential is generated. This action potential travels along the axon and all its bifurcations to stimulate each and
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