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KINS 2295

Integumentary Skeletal and Digestive System  An animal is multicellular that moves that result in high metabolic rate. Since animals are big they need to develop internal convention system to distribute nutrients and gases and remove waste.  They are tissues that cover the surface of structure like skin, or internal surfaces. Also they are the glandular epithelial tissues that secrete substance exocrine and endocrine glands.  They are tissues that hold tissues together. Ordinary connective tissues hold fat or tissues under the skin and dense connective tissues are found in ligaments. Special connective tissues are found in the fluids that produce blood and lymph or solid as in cartilage and bones.  Smooth involuntary muscles are found in the gut. Striated voluntary are attached to our skeleton for movement. Striated involuntary are found in the heart.  Nervous tissues consist of grey and white matter which is found in our brain. Also nerves which operate the autonomic nervous system.  It provides protection for the animal. Ex skin and shells  Insects have an exoskeleton that protects the outside and prevent dehydration.  Birds have feathers and fish have scales.  Epidermis provides protection because it is made from dead skin cells. Dermis stores most of the blood supply and nerves cells. Subcutaneous tissues have sweat gland which secrete oil so the skin won’t dry out, also it have a layer of smooth muscle so the hair can stand up.  Each has an opening sebaceous gland that supplies oils that water proof the skin. Also they have smooth band of muscle that stick up the hair.  Pain, temperate, and touch  Protection and support of internal organs. Temperature regulation. Excretion of salts and water. Synthesis of vitamin D. Sensor for external stimuli.  Skeletal system provides a surface for muscle attachment.  All arthropods made of chitin, nitrogen contain polysaccharides.  Must have defined joints to allow movement. Also, it require replacement when the animal get too big for its “shell”  Mobility, support the weight of the organism, provides attachment for
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