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Light Energy  Microfibrills of polysaccharides cellulose  Mesophyll the interior of the leaves  The four components of the chloroplast are the double membrane that is surrounded by a fluid called stroma, thylakoids sacs of membrane site of converting light energy to chemical energy, thylakoid space inside the sacs that is separated by stroma, and chlorophyll green pigments inside the thylakoids.  E+6CO2+6H2OC6H12O6+6O2 carbon dioxide is being reduced to sugar and water is being oxidised to oxygen.  –light energy absorbed by chlorophyll drives transfer of electrons and H ions from water to an electron accepter NAPH NAPH reducing it to NADPH. -ATP is produced using chemiosmosis which power the addition of phosphate group to ADP.  –CO2 enters the leaves from the pours of stomata. -the CO2 is reduced to a sugar by addition of electron using reducing power of NADPA this requires ATP.  Reaction center complex-special pair of chlorophyll a Light harvesting complex-pigment molecules chlorophyll a b, and carotenoids  The chlorophyll molecules absorb energy from the sun. The energy passes from pigment molecules to pigment molecules. Then it gives the energy to the special pair of chlorophyll a the
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