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KINS 2295

Maximal Aerobic Power  The ability to ventilate the lungs and oxygenate the blood passing through the lungs. The ability of the heart to pump blood. The capacity of the blood to carry oxygen. The ability for the muscle to accept oxygen. The ability for the muscle to extract the oxygen in the capillary.  In general trained people will have a higher VO2 max compared to the untrained people.  The test should exceed 6 minute but less than 15 minute. The subject should have a warm up to get the blood running to the muscle. As the test goes on the intensity of the work should go up to get Vo2 max.  Oxygen consumption should increase linearly with increasing work rate and approaches a plateau. Heart rate should be close to the age-predicted maximum. Blood lactate level should be 8 millimole/liter up. Respiratory exchange ratio (VCO2/VO2)should be greater than 1.10. Does the subject look exhausted.  Mode of exercise, the VO2 max should test the primary movement of the sport for example rower should be test while rowing. Heredity, most of the people VO2 ability is from their parents around 40-50%. Age and Sex as people get older their
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