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Myology 1. Use skeletons marked with muscles origins and insertions, wall charts, and anatomy books to identify the origin, insertion, and actions of each of the following muscles. a. Trapezius Origin: base of the skull; ligaments of the neck; spines of the seventh cervical and all of the thoracic vertebrae Actions: upward rotation of the scapula; elevation of the scapula; retraction of the scapula b. Levator scapulae Origin: transverse processes of the upper four cervical vertebrae Actions: elevates the medial margin of the scapula c. Serratus anterior Origin: surface of the upper nine ribs at the side of the chest Actions: protraction of the scapula; upward rotation of the scapula d. Rhomboid Origin: spinous processes of the last cervical and the first five thoracic vertebrae (cannot be viewed superficially, it is deep to the trapezius) Actions: retraction and downward rotation of the scapula e. Deltoid – anterior, middle, and posterior heads Origin: anterior, lateral third of the clavicle; the top of the acromion (the acromion is a flat process that is located at the outer end of the scapular spine). It is the part of the scapula which joins with the clavicle); posterior border of the spine of the scapula Actions: anterior portion – flexion and horizontal flexion Midd
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