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 Osmoregulation balances the intake and loss of water and solutes. Homeostasis.  Excretion is the removal of excess solutes and other waste. Diffusion, osmosis and active transport.  All organisms need solutes in their body. They can’t conform because they have few solutes they won’t be able to function if they adapt to the environment.  The fish will be hypoosmotic to the seawater because sea have more solutes than the fish  The human will be hyperosmotic to the fresh water because the human body has more solutes compared to the freshwater.  Since their body is hypoosmotic compared to the seawater, they are always losing water. To overcome this problem, they drink large amounts of water. This creates another problem because they drink a lot of water they accumulated a lot of solutes in their body. As a result, chloride cells pumps Cl out of the body and Na follows along. Also the kidney excesses other stuff out.  Since their body is hyperosmotic compared to the fresh water, they are always losing solutes. To overcome this problem, they secrete diluted urine to minimize solute loss they are always peeing. To overcome this solutes lost they have chloride cells that actively transport Cl into the fish and Na follows along.  It replaces water in water bear that protects the cells and cell membrane of the water bear.  Organisms get their water from drinking or eating, and as a by-product of cellular respiration.  Evaporation and excretion.  Insects have a waxy cuticle to prevent water loss. Produce urine acid and very try feces. Behavioural adaptation like burrowing. Also summer sleep to avoid the hottest part of summer.  Marine birds are always surrounding with sea water and they eat fish from the sea so they have a lot of salt in their body to secrete these excess salt they have Nasal salt gland that secrete excess salt from their body. This process is a co
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