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Unit 1 + 2  The patella main function is the allow the legs for knee extension. The patella is a flat bone or an irregular bone because it don't sit in any of the other sections making the patella different from the femurs, tibia, fibula.  The bones in the pectoral girdle are scapula, and clavicle. The bones in the pelvic girdle are pubis, ilium, and ischium. The upper half of the body don't have to deal with a lot of weight so it have a large amount of extension potential unlike the bottom half the pelvis girdler that have to deal with a greater amount of weight, therefore sacrificing mobility for strength.  The clavicle provides an attachment for the arms also it allows the scapula to move freely in the thoracic walls.  The scapula articulates with the humerus.  Male pelvis ha
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