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Lecture 2

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Langara College
KINS 2295

 Triceps, Biceps, Subscapula, Iliac Chest, Chest (males), Abdominal, Front Thigh, Medial Calf, Supraspinale.  Flexed arms, Waist, Calf. Humerus, Femur.  To measure the skin fold for triceps, the subject must stand with arms by the side of the elbow with a parallel to the long axis of the arm. To measure subscapular skin fold the subject must stand erect the measurement is taken 1 cm below the scapula in a 45 degrees angle. To measure bicep skin fold, the subject must stand with both arms by the side and the measurement is taken along the long axis of the arm. For the males to measure the chest they have to stand erect and the measurement is taken at a midway point between the armpit and nipples. To measure the Iliac crest is on the right side of the body taken in a 45 degrees. To measure the supraspinale the subject stands erect measurement taken 5-7 cm above the iliac spine taken in a 45 degrees. To measure abdominal the subject stands and relaxes the measurements are taken 2 cm from the left of the belly button. To measure the Front Thigh the leg is placed in a 90 degree and the fold is lifted parallel to the long axis of the femur. To measure the Medial Calf the subject sits on the cheat with his foot on the floor and the leg vertical measurement are taken on the medial side of the right calf. ALL OF THIS IS USING THE SKINFOLD CALIPER. To measure flexed arm the arm should be bent to about 90 degrees. The biceps should be flexed to the largest muscle possible. To measure calf, the subject should stand erect with weight distributed evenly on both feet. ALL OF THIS IS USISING THE ANTHROPOMETRIC TAPE. To measure the bone width for the humerus the elbow is flexed at a 90 degrees to locate the medial and lateral epicondyles. To measure the bone width of the femur is the subject has to sit down and the measurer locate the medial and lateral condyle.  It runs an electrical signal through the subject and based on a principle that adipose tissue have less water compared to muscle, the higher the electrical resistance the fatter the subject. The flaws of this device is that dehydration, eating, drink
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