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Indeterminism and Libertarianism  Indeterminist believes that your choice is at least potentially independent of any external or internal events  You choose which path to take and you are responsible for that choice  There is the conviction that you could have chosen otherwise  Indeterminists leave open the possibility that undetermined actions are simply random  Libertarians are convinced that people are able to make genuinely free choices by exercising their free will  William James  Our lived experience provides the most compelling grounds for free will  Humans live their lives based on the assumption that personal freedom and responsibility are valid concepts  we should believe the reality of these concepts  Free choice and personal responsibility infuses our beliefs in self- improvement, morality, religion, social improvement, crime and punishment, etc.  If free will exists then the exercise of it is the strongest evidence for its existence  A universe of actualities: no other possibilities exist other than those that occur; if events of universe were a story there is only one way that the story can be told (determinist view)  A universe of possibilities: no matter what events have occurred in the past, there are multiple possibilities in the future  Judgments of regret  Determinists can only tell the different after the event has taken place  James says that determinism fails in explaining the beliefs and convictions of our own lived experience  I cannot understand regret without the admission of real, genuine
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