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Langara College
PHIL 1100

Justice is what promotes gender equality  Susan Moller Okin o Justice and gender o Must of women’s unequal status can be traced to their traditional role in the family o Equal opportunity is not a reality o Women have traditionally been responsible for area of private life (raising children, maintaining home) o Inhibits their ability to compete equally in public world o Expectations remain unchanged o We live in a gender-structured society o Need a radical restructuring of gender roles o Gender roles are social constructions  we can restructure them o Just future = one without genders; no assumptions about “male” or “female” roles o “The personal is political” 10.7 Making Connections: An Ideal Society  Creating a Just Society o Rights and Liberties (Locke) o Economic opportunity (Rawls) o Education (Mill, Bentham, Rawls) o Allocation of wealth and property (Marx, Mill, Rawls, Locke) o Healthcare (Rawls, Mill) o Political representation (Hobbes) o Others… libertarianism  Confucius: only way to avoid social unrest was by establishing a social order based on commitment to “humanity” or benevolence  political harmony by cultivating harmony in each individual  Plato: matching unique talents of each individuals to social responsibilities (leaders, guardians, workers)  Aristotle: humans are naturally communal animals, each person should seek happiness by discovering and fulfilling his or her own unique purpose (entelechy)  Hobbes, Locke, Rawls: concept of “state of nature”  developed the notion of “social contract” that individuals freely enter into t
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