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PHIL 1100

The self: BRAIN 10 The Self is the Brain: Physicalism  Physicalism: the view that all aspects of the universe are composed of matter and energy and can be fully explained by physical laws  Functionalism: the view that contends that the mind can be explained in terms of patterns of sensory inputs and behaviour outputs mediated by functionally defined mental states o Model for human mind was connection between sensory stimulation and observable behaviour o Certain mental events, mental activities, or mental processes that form the full connection between the sensory stimulus and the observable behavioral response o Not independent existence apart from the function they serve to connect stimulus and response  Eliminative materialism: mind is the brain and that over time, a mature neuroscience vocabulary will replace the “folk psychology” that we currently use to think about our selves and our minds  Churchland: The self is the brain. Mental states will be superseded by brain states.  Mental states = brain states; flawed way to conceptualize relationship  Eliminative materialism: the radical claim that our ordinary commonsense understanding of the mind is deeply wrong and that some or all of the mental states posited by common sense do not actually exist  Words like belief, desire, fear, sensation, pain, joy are outdated “folk psychology”  Need to develop a new vocabulary and conceptual framework that is grounded in neuroscience and it will be a more accurate reflection  Mental dimensions of self may not ever be reducible to these physical stat
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