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Ethical Absolutism  Absolutism: the view that at least some moral values are universal and apply to all individuals and cultures o There are universal moral values that apply to everyone in all cultures  We think it is universally wrong to stand by and watch  We don’t agree if we have to put ourselves in harm’s way  Also why we think slavery is wrong – the relativists has to admit that slavery is acceptable and if we reject this idea, then we have to reject relativism o Example: slavery is morally wrong  Stace and James o James (Indeterminist)  Humans assume they are free to make choices  But we assume there are moral standards  Look at how we live, we do not have big debates on things (e.g. killing innocent people is wrong)  We can transgress moral standards; that means there is something outside that is subjective / or something true outside your culture  For cultural relativism, some cultures are wrong (e.g. genital mutilation is wrong). We can argue this.  Humans use their intellectual abilities to create concepts and develop theories to help them understand their lived experience o Stace  Absolutists believe that some moral values are independent from our beliefs  If there were no human be
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