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Ethics  Ethics: the study of values that govern our moral character and our relationships with other people.  Ethical concepts include right and wrong, good and bad, just and unjust, fair and unfair, responsible and irresponsible.  Value is the general term we used to characterize anything that possesses intrinsic worth, that we prize, esteem, and regard highly based on clearly defined standards.  What is the nature of good/bad actions? o Laws is derived from ethics; it is not equated to ethics o Law is application of ethics Ethical Reasoning  All people are equal and should be treated equally  It’s irritating when people won’t bend the rules to help me out o If you agree with first one, you cannot agree with second one o Inconsistency with reasoning  Experimenting on animals or kill them for food is wrong because it causes pain and suffering to sentient creatures  Euthanasia is wrong because it involves killing a hum
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