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Fallacies of Relevance and the Socratic model.docx

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Fallacies of Relevance and the Socratic model o Appeal to authority/tradition/bandwagon o Appeal to emotion o Appeal to personal attack o Red herring o Begging the Question (does not mean “leads to the question”)  Arguing in a circle  Have one or more premises assume that conclusion is true  Not an argument  Bible is the word of God. Bible says the God exists. God exists in the bible. } Circular, not an argument  Art is trash. Therefore, it is worthless.  Look for validity, invalidity  Truth of premises  soundness  Saying something is valid is not saying much.  Bertrand Russell o If you make the assumption of the world being definite, you will be imprisoned. o Imprisoned by what? Common sense, habits, culture, time, national identity. o If you never question your beliefs without reasons, they are not your
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