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September 18, 2012  You need language to talk about language  Language by definition is a social phenomenon  Language origins  Language acquisition  “Magical” words  Two theories of language origins  Charles Hockett and the Design Features of Language  We perform because language allows us to do something in the world  We do things with words: promises, lies, truths, etc  Language has a powerful social impact I remember this, and I have since observed how I learned to speak… But I myself, when I was unable to communicate all I wished to say to whomever I wish by means of whimperings and grunts and various gestures of my limbs (which I used to reinforce my demands), I myself repeated the sounds already stored in my memory by the mind which thou, O my God, hadst given me. When they called some thing by name and pointed it out while they spoke, I September 18, 2012 saw it and realized that the thing they wished to indicate was called by the name they then uttered. And what they meant was made plain by the gestures of their bodies… So it was that by frequently hearing words, in different phrases, I gradually identified the objects which the words stood for and, having formed my mouth to repeat these signs,
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