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Force is a push or pull due to the interaction of two objects
Force of Gravity Fg (with --> on F) ---> weight
The earth interacts with all objects near its surface and pulls down with a force
Fg = mg
( -->on F&g)
where m is the objects mass (kg) and g = 9.81 m/s2 (magnitude) [down]
ex. m=10 kg then Fg=(10kg)(9.81m/s2)[down]=98.1 N [down]
Force of Friction f (--> on f) points opposite to the direction of actual or potential
Tension T (--> on T) is created when there is a force in a string
-always points along the string away from the object
Normal Force FN (--> on F) , Normal (in normal force) = at right angle
-ONLY occurs when two surfaces are in contact
-always points perpendicular to the surfaces
-due to the compression (like a spring) of the surface
ex. placing a weight on a hanging scale
Free Body Diagram = a diagram of the object only plus all of the force on that
object plus coordinate axis
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