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Political Science
POLI 1100

Alienated Labor Early Marx and “alienated labor” “critique of political economy” 1844 Economic & Philosophic Manuscripts, “Estranged Labor” General points. o Critique of political economy, critique of classical English economy o Governed or controlled by forces outside their own self- control o Expected to obey the determinations and orders of others o Alienation of the worker from the product of his/her labour  Argument wasn’t that under capitalism that works become even poorer; the basic idea is that the more the workers produce that capitalist self the more power the capitalist obtain  The workers are producing product they have no ownership over even though they are producing it; owned and controlled by somebody else  People can use that profit to hold power over workers o Alienation of the worker from the “act of production”  Workers under capitalism are getting alienated from their own activity; it becomes not their activity but actively becomes someone else’s activity; they lose self-determination  It is the activity of suffering; the workers physical and mental activity is turned against him and not belonging to him  Self-estrangement of the workers from their own activity; capitalist try to control workers o Loss of human “species-being”  Loss/alienation in the working person,
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