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Political Science
POLI 1100

Ideologies – feminism and background Feminism 1. In her essay “Our Revolution is Unique,” Betty Friedan reflected on the difficulties that women often experience when they try to juggle marriage and careers. She wrote, “I don’t accept for most women the necessity of making a choice that no man has to make.” She added, “we must challenge the idea that a woman is primarily responsible for raising children.” Explain the significance of these two points for Friedan’s liberal feminism.  Liberal feminism 1 wave:  largely voting rights 2 wave:  equality, what is required to bring about equality in society,  family, sexuality, divorce, marriage, structure of parenting/families etc  distinction between sex and gender > sex: male/female biologically gender: cultural, chosen, masculine females vice versa I. Betty Friedan and Liberal Feminism (“Our Revolution is Unique,” 1968) A. Background · Author of The Feminist Mystique (1963), which was a foundational work in “second wave” feminism. · “the problem that has no name”: the emptiness of “homemakers” when their children have grown up. ** Friedan and the 2 Wave
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