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POLI 1100

Michael Oakeshott and Chandra Mohanty: Generally speaking, conservative thinkers like Michael Oakeshott (“On Being Conservative”) either have been positively hostile to the feminist movement or have called for caution and prudence in addressing feminist demands for change of gender relations in contemporary societies. Explain this conflict between feminism and conservatism in relation to Oakeshott’s ideas about the conservative “disposition” and how change threatens peoples social “identities,” on the one hand, and feminist ideas about the politics of gender identity, on the other hand (e.g., Friedan’s ideas about gender, particularly her ideas about marriage, careers, and childrearing, and Hartmann’s discussion of “sex/gender systems”). (Note: Some other feminists, such as Chandra Mohanty have offered ideas about aspects of social identities – concerning the vaue and significance of cultural, ethnic, and gendered identities – that are not completely at odds with Oakeshott’s.) . Michael Oakeshott “on being conservative” 
 A. background
 - 1902-1990 many people would say he lived during the heart of the twentieth century 
 B. key ideas 
 1. Conservatives as aversive to change 
 - not totally opposed to change (similar to burke) 
 - understands conservatism as a particular way of accommodating change – disposition towards politics and government (prudence) 
 2. ways of accommodating change
 - favors gradual change as opposed to radical change - change that inherit continuity
 - change is a “threat to identity” 
 3. Conservative disposition towards politics - governing . Chandra Mohanty: D. Toward a More Progres
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