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Family Wage Example of the “family wage” (535):  Consider “traditional” families of the 1950s in America: In that historical moment, men were regulating or trying to control the access of women in their lives to the labour market (regulating their opportunities as independent wage earners); established men’s position in family  HH says that it has shifted in North America, but definitely not radically  Shifted in a way that: equal amounts of men and women entering medical and law schools, women certainly approaching men in parity in some respects (but not always treated equally in law firms and medical practices)  Historically, there has been a division of labour o Typical family dynamic: mother stays home to keep up with housework, child rearing o Among the services that women perform for men, are child-rearing activities, raising of kids day-in day-out o Men are, in a sense, exonerated from doing this because their careers are highlighted o HH suggests that we need to understand this division as men’s control of women’s labour power  Child-rearing and housework were typically unpaid labour o Women are doing a lot of work but when its limited to housework, they are doing work that they don’t get paid for o Only one spouse is working for wages  Two working spouses/partners often face a different situation because they pay others to do housework Quote: · “First, men have better jobs in the labor market and earn higher wages then women. The lower pay women receive in the labor market both perpetuates men’s material advantage over women and encourages women to choose wifery as a career. Second, then women do housework, childcare, and perform other services at home which benefit men directly. Women’s home responsibilities in turn reinforce their inferior labor market position” (536). P. 539: “The double day is a reali
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