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Political Science
POLI 1100

competence of citizens to govern, globalization deterritorialization of power 1. among adults no persons is definitely better qualified than others to govern that they should be 
 entrusted with complete and final authority over the government of the state  the inequalities among us in being able to make political judgements are not so great  hes not saying that everyone is equal, dahl believes that everyone has the capability of enlightened 
 understanding, maybe with a few exceptions, but for the most part we are capable but we need certain 
 conditions to develop these abilities 2. fifth criteria for a democratic process : inclusion  everyone adult subject to the laws of the state should be sufficiently able to take part in the creating of 
 the laws of the state.  everyone should be included in the political process, it needs to be accurately representative of 
 everyones interests  for example for womens interest they should ask women themselves so they can decide what it is that 
 they want and if they dont they are excluding them from the poltica process. this is not trule democratic because they are not including everyone Globalization and Global Politics What does Ulrich Beck’s understanding of the world economy “as a kind meta-power” in relation to the state tell us about the promise and limitations of what Dahl calls polyarchical democracy as it operates within distinct nation-sta
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