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Patriarchy  There may be male domination in most societies historically  HH says that patriarchy has taken different forms of patriarchy; not just one system of male domination everywhere in all times  She says that we need more historical subtly in our understanding  There are also inequalities among men in capitalist societies (notably, class differences as well as racial differences)  There will typically be inequalities among men as a group, and among women as a group (they will not be equally situated in a society)  Patriarchy also establish different links between men as a group, and women as a group o Position as women of a group is different as the position of men as a group  Hierarchies are reinforced  Many people accept that people are above them, as long as there are people below them  HH acknowledges that there are class differences in capitalist societies, as well as gender and racial-ized class structures (Eg. White working class men have a social advantage) “sex/ gender systems” (532) · From Gayle Rubin:  A very influential article from the 1970s  Culture conveys a certain message to us, what it means to me a woman/man/girl/boy – heterosexual aspects  From HH’s pe
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