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Political Science
POLI 1100

Micropolitics and macropolitics Micropolitics: the everyday life of women and men in various cultural contexts and geographic locations o Eg. The politics of your daily lives “Who took care of your kids in the family?” “How is the labour divided in your household?” “How does that play out in your relationships?” “How do things play out in terms of gender dynamics at school?” Macropolitics: concerns how we typically think of politics in a broader spectrum; larger global process that shape peoples lives and struggles across the globe o Global politics, United Nations, international human rights o Globalization in terms of economics, how it plays out in investments by corporations o How governments regulate economic activity o Immigration policies  She moves beyond with euro-centralism within feminism  Concerned with global capitalism and how it produces inequalities for women and as well as men, in rich and poor countries  Anti-capitalist struggles; she discusses how capitalism can be more humane  Focused on situation of poor women around the world; what she calls the “two-third world and the one-third world” (eg. Same concept as Occupy movement 99% vs 1%)  Two-third world: a large part of the world’s population, including men as well as women, that are not included in global affluence o Although China and India are gaining affluence as a country, a majority of the population do not; affluence
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