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Political Science
POLI 1100

Ulrich Beck his understanding of (a) the world economy “as a kind meta-power” in relation to the state and (b) deterritorialization of power. a. world economy “as a kind meta-power” in relation to the state  “The pawn – the economy – suddenly becomes the knight (given new possibilities of mobility [for capital] by information technology) and can thus check the king – the state.”  Some are major corporations competing with nations  Major actors in modern world economy pursuing their interests  Economic growth has been dependent on corporation investments  Globalization – easy for corporations to do that b. deterritorialization of power  Microsoft, Monsanto, general motors  Neither illegal nor legitimate o No law preventing corporations from picking up or moving o Trans-legal o Outside boundaries of political, legitimate processes  Influences law makers  Take the control and order away from a land/place (territory) that is already established  Okay, so basically when large companies (such as Apple Inc.) construct companies abroad, it eliminates (to a certain extent) national boundaries, as well as some of their rules. That is deterritorialization. If anybody wants to expand upon that, you're welcome to do so.  Power is held on a transnational basis, because the sources of power are
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