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Norberto Bobbio says that socialism stands in tension if not conflict with liberalism (or at least some aspects of modern liberalism), but it has a closer, more complementary relationship to democracy. Explains the gist of his points about socialism’s relationships to liberalism and democracy. 1. Norberto Bobbio, 1909-2004 A. Background  Democratic socialist (contemporary)  From Italy  Wrote a short essay in 1988, a retrospective analysis of democratic socialism B. 5 Key points: a) liberalism and democracy  Liberalism and democracy have never been radically antithetical, even though it proved difficult to grasp the democratic ideal  Grew out of liberal ideals, a legitimate government is from the consent of the governed  moving in direction that all of us should be participants (democracy)  Moving to the idea that if we are free equal, everyone should be free and equal b) socialism vs. liberalism  Slightly different from Bernstein, but related  Socialism has always opposed Liberalism (initial formulations; Locke)  Liberalism  rise of the business class, concern for protection of property rights
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