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Political Science
POLI 1100

Ideologies- Women as Political Power (Friedan’s last big theme) Heidi Hartman and (marxist) Socialist Feminism (“The Unhappy Marriage of Marxism and Feminism,” 1981) General points:  Trying to join Marxism and Feminism together  Drawing on the tradition of Marxism because she thinks Marxist analysis is useful for Feminism  Problems women face in capitalist societies  Not saying that oppression to women is exclusive in capitalist societies; but inequalities take specific forms in capitalist society Marxism and the Woman Question · Marxists have often analyzed the status of women (the “Woman Question”), but have often focused on class oppression and not sexism per se (e.g., “Communist Manifesto”). · HH: “the categories of marxism are sex-blind” (527).  The Woman Question: traditional Marxist analysis is limited in this respect. (Marxist questions the family unit). HH says that one limitation is that Marxist categories are sex-blind.  She says that we need to explore how men and women relate differently/differently situated/have different access to different class positions (eg. Career tracks, etc.) What happens if we look at class and think about it in gender terms?  Marxism explains class divisions in capitalism but doesn’t explain how different racial-ize
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