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Canadian Bill of Rights o Entrenched bill of rights would alter power of governments, and it was clear in 1950s that some provinces would object  Quebec very conservative (e.g. women could not vote) o Conservatives under Diefenbaker decided statue law was preferable and Canadian Bill of Rights became law on 10 August 1960  Legislative rights regime o Initial court interpretation weakly limited it – it could not be used to strike down law made prior to 1960 or practices from common law  Parliamentary supremacy – institution sovereign  Unable to strike laws down Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms o Failure of statue law to entrench rights prompted need to elevate rights to constitutional law  Lead government to realize that it needed something stronger o Courts now have ability to hold law to standards laid out in Charter of Rights and Freedoms Charter Remedies o Courts, if decided law breaches Charter, are authorized in Sec 24(1) to give “such remedy as the court considers appropriate and just in circumstances” o Normally Section 52 remedy is used
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