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Political Science
POLI 1119

Independence, Presidentalization Independence, the United Kingdom and the United States o 1 July 1867 – the founding of the Dominion of Canada  Canadian State not born in 1867, we were a British Dominion  Canada evolved out of the British Imperial System  Evolved until 1982 – the breakaway from Britain  We did not get the powers of statehood until 1931 until we got the power over foreign policy (We declared law independently in 1939, separate from Britain) o Not a state but a self-governing Dominion within the British Empire o Canada evolved out of Empire gradually o Slowly absorbed by another power – America  Absorbed by the US over time; something that Canada fought against  Founded as a member of the British Empire, the initial Canadians were strongly British – did not see themselves as different until the British saw us as something different  “I was born a British subject and I will die a British subject.” – Sir John A. Macdonald  During the initial development, we were very British “Presidentalization” of the Prime Minister?  Prime Minister is becoming
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