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Political Science
POLI 1119

Liberal Weakness and western Alienation Liberal Weakness o West much more conservative than other parts of Canada  More social democratic than eastern Canada o Liberals historically weak in Western Canada o Western Canadians more supportive of mixed health care and less supportive of gun registry – both seen as core values in East o Equalization seen as Western money going to Eastern liberals o Even when Conservatives won 68 of 99 Western Seats in 2004, still out of Government WESTERN ALIENATION - IS IT RECEDING?  Alberta as leader in Western Alienation  - 1 party state --> doesn't change government; party stays in power for generation at a time  - began with liberals --> United Farmers --> Social Credit --> Progressive Conservatives  - Reform Party was part of the cycle but is directed towards the federal level, not provincial  - most individualistic province --> conversely, weakest collectivist sentiment; social democrats do least well in Alberta  - birth place of Reform Party of Canada out of fail
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