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Political Science
POLI 1119

Power  Power: o Some have it, most do not – people want some sort of power in the lives – reality o Political power is the ability to make other people do what you want (eg. if you’re an employer, you make your employees do what you want; the law) o Neither good nor bad, it is a means to an end o Power allows laws to expresses the state’s power (rules, democracy, how things operate; otherwise we would be an anarchy) We do not see it as coercion, necessary o Power allows democracy to work but also allows dictators to have a hold over their people o The exercise of power occurs within constantly changing social, political and economic environment o The Canadian state and regime has not changed much since 1867; few add-ons (foreign policy, bill of rights, charter of rights and freedom) o The social make up of Canada has changed o Actors will rarely have all the information, if ever; we don’t know the outcome of our acts will be o The law and its unintended consequences are always in effect (working with all the information we have hopeful that there will be positive effects eg. negative effects of rent control) o We don’t know everything and through the exercise of power, we rarely know everything at all – won’t know everything about education policy,
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